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Microservice platforms and Data engineering at Scale
Scaling the Moderation Platform to the millions
Our Speakers
Daniel Giribet
Computer Science Engineer with more than 20 years of full-stack professional experience in web and game development, video processing and distribution, content management systems, etc.
Engineering Director at Adevinta in the Data & Privacy team.

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Galo Navarro
Software engineer with background on backend, scalability and distributed systems. As a Principal Software Engineer at Adevinta, I work along with 5 platform teams that build an internal PaaS based on Kubernetes.  This provides all ~1500 engineers across Adevinta with a cohesive ecosystem where they can build, deploy and operate microservices seamlessly.
Thibault Jamet
After some experience in embedded imaging, Thibault joined Schibsted (now Adevinta) group as a backend developer in the French market place "Leboncoin”.

His focus has been increasingly on operations and recently joined the Adevinta platform team operating Adevinta's Kubernetes cluster for its marketplaces.
Giulio Caliendo
Senior Engineering Manager with extensive experience in managing enterprise IT projects for internal/external customers and product software development. Currently managing our Storage team, which builds a managed Kafka and Cassandra solution for internal customers.We manage 600 big EC2 instances, 50+ clusters, 15 Gbit/s network traffic peak
Renaud Bruyeron
Chief Product & Technology Officer leading our global functions.
MSc in General Engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris, MSc in Computer Science at UCLA and MBA at INSEAD.

CTO at Ekino from 2010 to 2013. CTO at Leboncoin from 2013 to 2016. VP Engineering,
Marketplaces at Schibsted Media Group from 2016 to 2017 and SVP Technology and Data at Schibsted Marketplaces since 2017.
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